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$50 application fee( This is charged for the bundle information you will be learning provide by RRFC(Recording Connections.)

2 month intern program


Interns need reliable transportation ​

Tier 1: Intern

- This level does not pay

-into to engineering Training include (RRFC certified training)

needs to complete full course before booking ones own clients in the studio

-Required to learn all in studio etiquettes and expectations 

Tier 2: Recording Engineer I 

-This is a paid gig by commission @ $12/hr per

-Employees will be paid via cashapp/cash/or direct deposit.

-depending on your reputation with clients and your frequency of being booked you can work towards Tier 3 promotions.

-Your added to the bookings site for clients to book you

- added to the bio to the website

- you're able to advertise/sell beats and mixes through our clientele on our website as well.


-Morning Shift 


I. Sweep/Mop{Booth & Control Room

II. Wire Microphone in Booth/Hang Headset

III. Power Up Equipment In Control Room

V. Check If Trash Needs To Be Taken Out

VI. Clean Up Microwave /Coffee Area

VII. Check &Make Sure The Bathroom Is Stocked/Clean {If Not Do So}

VIII. Come With All Of Your Equipment Ready To Work

IX. Maintain Rooms With Checkups Between Sessions 

-Night Shifts


I. Sweep/Mop{Booth & Control Room}

II. Check If Trash Needs To Be Taken Out

III. Clean Up Microwave/Coffee Area

IV .Check & Make Sure The Bathroom Is Stocked /Clean{If Not Do So}

V. Maintain Rooms With Checkups Between Sessions 

VI .Come With Equipment List & Ready To Work

VII. Come With A Notebook/Pen

VII.{If Booked}Ready To Clock Your Sit In Hour sessions


Vacuum/Wipe Down Couch/Clean Ashtrays

XI .Power Down Equipment/ wipe down desk and gear

XII. Sweep/Mop

XIII. Take out Trash { Again if needed}


I. Interns may be asked to make the occasional store run. { Sometimes gas station/ food/ Urgent Errand} [This privilege will not be abused and all clients will remain respectful when asking. If this isn't the case, let Shadye know.]

II. Interns will also be on gate duty. Meaning during the night shift our entrance gates get closed. When clients are coming in and out you will be in chare of ushering them in.


intern to hire

start your journey from intern to cheif engineer

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